Required Documents for Application Submission (2)

Policy Experience/Initiative

Please tell us about your policy experience or idea/initiative/project you have contributed. Working in teams, you will brainstorm alternative approaches to the issue. To help prepare for the discussions, please answer the following questions.

  1. Problem/Initiative Identification (500 words)
    • What policy initiative would you like to brainstorm with your colleagues?
    • How were you – or might be you – involved in this issue?
    • What problem or difficulty prompts or prompted this policy initiative?
    • What was the “Diagnosis” or process which led to the initiative?
    • Who are the key actors in your policy initiative?
  2. Solution and Alternatives (500 words)
    • What was or is the solution to be proposed?
    • What alternative solutions were discussed?
    • What strategy led to the initiative rather than these alternatives?
  3. Analysis (500 words)
    • How did you assess the terrain for implementation? Major allies, opportunities, obstacles?
    • What did you take away from the experience? Any lessons learned and/or concerns?
    • What questions are you left with? How might the group be helpful to your thinking?